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Dad, Hubert Tinsley, 9/27/1920 - 6/02/2010     July 25, 2010    

daddy’s paper

small girl standing on tiptoe

careful not to touch

knowing daddy’s paper

was special

maybe even magic


eyes smiling

daddy asked

would you like to help

would you like to see

what the wide wide world

is like

from sky so blue


oh my, what a wondrous thought


daddy placed his papers

his special “where to fly” papers

on living room floor

small girl stepped around large square


see said daddy

this blue line is a river deep

that curved line a mountain steep

here is building tall

there runway waiting

waiting for my plane and me

tiny fingers softly traced path

pencil line now showing journey

from nation’s capital across vast sea

destination far far Italy


I, that little girl

found visions that day


pride that I

small girl

pencil gripped in trembling hand

could help daddy fly away and home again

home again

daddy has flown home again

there waiting for this child he taught

how to find a path

even through endless skies

find a path home again

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