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The Old Ones     March 2, 2010    


winter takes the old ones 


three hundred years ago

acorn pushed leaflets toward warmth

trunk rose

bidden towards beckoning sun

tree sighed at tickle of squirrel feet

leaves myriad

watched generations be born age die

      ancient oak

      shudders bends topples

      in late winter gale


winter takes the old ones


almost thirty years ago

foal blinked in prime light

raced first his dam

then bowed in grace

to saddle bridle rider

became melded with man

eased journeys 

entered into games diverse

      then body failing

      breathes last breath

      early on winter morn


winter takes the old ones


toddler singing with abandon

teen confused by awareness

grown into woman questing

insistent her slowing body

will not fail

comes winter’s first tempest

heart slows

eyes dim

limbs refuse to listen

      whispering toddler song

      cradling memories 

      child woman is gone


winter takes the old ones



except for their haunting songs

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