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Wandered Home Again, essay 10/28/2016

     In 1995 I had given Mom an Apple computer and taught her how to use it, in spite of her saying she was too old since she was 69.  Mom's  joy was apparent when she learned that she could email anytime with my brother Peter who was in Pennsylvania and my brother Randy who lived in Thailand.  In between the rare and costly long distant calls, Mom could touch her sons through the wonder of the internet.

     The meditations began a long time ago, in 2002.  I had begun sending Mom a thought, meditation, short poem, or observations each morning so she would know I was up and about.  The brief emails seemed to bring Mom a good start to her mornings and to help support her as she worked each day to care for Dad, a semi-invalid.

     The daily flow came to an abrupt halt when I was in a serious vehicle accident in 2007.

     In 2009 my mother, both her and dad nearing the time to go Home, became more and more worried about me and my struggle with my recovery from the accident.  In an effort to touch base with Mom, her in South Carolina and me here in North Carolina, I renewed my daily meditations and side roads, now adding photography to my poetry.  Those efforts are archived in the menus "Sept - Dec 2009" and "Mar - Aug 2009".

     With the passing of Mom and Dad in 2010, I found the effort to write the poetry was too difficult, painful and too full of Mom's still echoing requests for my words.  Again the flow of words stopped.

     Then I made a casual reply to a friend who had read a poem I had added to a photograph on my blog page.  She had said to me "I didn't know you wrote poetry".  My reply was, "yes indeed I used to write poetry almost daily".  My friend's words, come to think of it, many friends' words about my poetry, stirred the dormant longing to write.

     My wanderings have come home again, October 2016.  I hope you enjoy the new offerings as I occasionally drop another note to Mom into morningpsalms.

peace and grace, doc ellen

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