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Mom, Ellen Lucille Tinsley  10/09/1926 - 08/04/2010     August 15, 2010    

please, mom

when was I born

when struck the clock

on my birthing day

       ah, my child, you came

       you came

      during spring hope

      on bright’ning new day


oh, mom

what did I say

what did I speak 

on my birthing day 

       why, my child, you sang

       you sang

       as you greeted 

       God’s unfolding day 


ah, mom

what did I sing 

what words took form 

on my birthing day 

       hear, my child,  love sang

       love sang

       as you smiled soft 

       babe enjoying day 

love, mom

what did we share

what hopes took wing

on my birthing day

       oh, my child, dreams warm

       dreams warm

       came in clouds bright

       life tasting new day


death, mom

came in your door

came with new hope

on your dying day

       ah, my mom, your soul

       your soul

       caught in God’s hand

       life greets rebirth day

sing, mom

sing young child’s song

sing joy and peace

on your birthing day

       sing, my mom, songs glad

       songs glad

       filled with grace bright

       songs burning with life

              thanks, mom, for all the music

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