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Woodland Door     September 9, 2009

hungry for missing hearts

his hers both

sore tried by abandonment

warrior king had lost fay laughter

gone, silent haunting eyes

music taken by soulless wind

forest carpet no longer showed

imprints of dancing feet

hours days eons ago

laird had without thought spoken

"Brigid I cannot be your friend"

dance stopped in mid step

song ceased in mid tone

hands that had reached toward him

curled against spiderweb vest

tears slipt down suddenly pale cheeks

"because you are human and I am not"

came softest murmur

moan shivered through slight form

ephemeral light shattered

lithe body anguished writhed

pulled apart by growing gale

she was gone

quest began

mountains heard laird's echoing calls

empty valleys seduced him

seas destroyed his oaken boat

ages passed mortal king by

hawthorn staff supported exhausted soul

stumbling into unearthly grove

warrier king swayed, blinked

shaft golden green with light

surrounded dark woodland door

leaf littered ground beckoned him

laird grew still

breath gone

heart silenced

life energy spent

yet somehow he could hear

soft fay whisper

wafting from woodland door:

"I forgive you my warrior king,

welcome home"

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